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  • Steve Auth


I love the Lord for he has heard my cry.  Ps 116:1

Mission in the Cloud, Everywhere.  “Contagious” is a dirty word these days.  We are all hiding from each other for the present; only way to kill “it”, apparently.  This too will end.  But in the meantime, the NYC Mission is in the Cloud.  And the Cloud goes everywhere.  And when Love is in the Cloud, it’s contagious.  In giving, we receive.  And in receiving, we want only one thing:  more.  More of Him.  More Love.  Here’s today’s post from the missionary in the cloud, the leader of our of the teen mission, Janet.  She’s got the love of the Lord in her heart, enriched by years on the mission, and she’s pouring it out into the cloud….

It's Palm Sunday morning and our NYC Youth Missionaries residing in many different places up and down the East Coast are going deep into their closet and drawers to pull out a familiar friend, their Mission t-shirts and sweatshirts. In past years, when out on the street corners of Soho, we stood out in a very secular neighborhood encouraging others to come to Confession united in our armor, our “mission uniform”. So today putting back on the uniform was a feel good moment.  We kicked off our Mission with a Mass on Instagram Live with our very own Fr Stephen Dyas, broadcasting live from France. One by one, you could see on the bottom of the screen more and more Missionaries joining. Fr Stephen spoke of how “the Lord wants us to receive his Grace, and let his Grace be contagious, let it touch you in your life and the life of others around you.” This resonates with the Missionary in all of us; the act of evangelizing is to be  “contagious ”  in spreading our love for God and bringing other souls to the foot of His Cross. 

The missionaries immediately headed over to a Zoom video call to see some familiar faces that will be participating in this year‘s virtual mission. You couldn’t contain the excitement, each screen was filled with a smiling face and words of great encouragement. We asked each missionary what they were looking for through this mission.  The common answer was to grow in my faith and to grow closer to Christ! 

In times of darkness and great confusion, our missionaries will be a beacon of light for those who are searching for Christ. Join us! 

A Missionary in the Cloud


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