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  • Steve Auth

Good Friday Turnaround

Bleecker and Mott, SoHo.   All Glory and Honor to God! Your prayers have been answered. We had a turnaround. So many people came together to save a baby today.

A woman exited a car with her ex-boyfriend (not the father) in order to enter Planned Parenthood in order to abort her 16 week unborn baby.  I told her about the Sisters of Life and the services they offer, including housing. She informed me that she was in a domestic violence situation with her current boyfriend and was looking for housing. She talked to the Sisters via the phone, but still entered Planned Parenthood in order to have the abortion. (She did give the Sisters her phone number though.) While she was in Planned Parenthood, the Sisters texted her; encouraging her to choose Life for her baby. At this point, Colette and I had to leave, but Laurie stayed. (Laurie spent a total of seven hours at Planned Parenthood today. God bless her.) About two hours later, the woman walked out of Planned Parenthood and told Laurie that she just couldn’t do the abortion, because she saw the sonogram and thought “that’s a baby.” At this time, Laurie gave her life affirming words and encouragement. The woman walked up the block, but Laurie noticed that the ex-boyfriend was trying to convince her to abort. Sure enough, about 10 minutes later, the woman came back down the block and re-entered Planned Parenthood with the ex-boyfriend. Laurie proceeded across the street and started praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet. Approximately three minutes into the prayer, a group of about thirty young people, carrying two crosses, belonging to a Catholic Youth Group called Regnum Christi, arrived and started praying across from Planned Parenthood. Within a few minutes, the woman walked out of Planned Parenthood and said “I just can’t do it!”

With that, the ex-boyfriend started yelling at her and telling her to have the abortion. Upon seeing this, three young men from the group crossed the street and created a shield between the woman and ex-boyfriend. An additional three young ladies crossed the street and comforted the woman. The three young ladies took her down the street and treated her to pizza, while the ex-boyfriend walked away dejected. 

The wonderful Sisters of Life were able to secure housing for the woman. 

The woman told Laurie “Thank you, you helped change my mind.”

Well, thank you Prayer Warriors. Without your prayers, these babies wouldn’t have a chance.

Please continue praying for this woman.

Happy Easter, He has Risen!

A prayer warrior


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