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  • Steve Auth

Good Friday Virtual Quarantine Challenge: "The Stations of the Cross"

One of the centerpieces of the SoHo mission each year are the live stations of the cross.  Our teen team always runs this for the parish, and the re-enacted visual of our tortured Lord being paraded, literally, through the streets of SoHo is a crowd stopper.  The whole neighborhood drops into a respectful silence.  On Prince and Mott, the adult missionaries spend the entire hour simply raking in the souls stirred up by the mournful procession, the reminder of what Jesus went through to save us.  The realization that all I need to do is go back to Him, to let myself be loved by Him.  It’s pretty simple.

Today’s challenge is straightforward:  pray the stations of the cross with your family at home, and if possible, zoom in your extended family and/or friend circle.  As you do so, reflect on the number of times you’ve offended Him, run from Him, fell asleep in the Garden.  Humble yourself as you pray.  Let Him love you.

Another way to do this challenge is to pray it alongside the Holy Father, live, at 3:00 pm EDT.  Here’s the link to that on the internet.

For other great live prayer opportunities today on Good Friday, please check out the links you can find on and on

Have a beautiful, holy Good Friday.

A Missionary


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