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  • Steve Auth

Gratitude as the Vaccine Against Quarantine-Virus

Daily Challenge: Call or email your nearby neighbors and ask the to join you at sunset to do a rosary on their front porches together with you to mark the beginning of the Triduum tomorrow.

Holy Wednesday Mediation

First, watch Lauren's talk here: NYC Virtual Holy Week Youth Mission Gratitude

  1. What is my main symptom (frustration/self-pity/anxiety/depression/ anger/boredom etc) of the “quarantine-virus”?

  2. Why do I think it is affecting me this way? What could be the cause?

  3. What personal gift (life/health/family) am I most grateful for?

  4. What material gift (water/electricity/plumbing/internet/food/safety etc) am I most grateful for?

  5. What spiritual gift (the in-dwelling of the Holy Trinity in my soul/the ability to pray/reading scripture/Jesus dying on the cross for me etc) am I most grateful for?

  6. How do I plan to grow in the virtue of gratitude to combat the “quarantine-virus”?

Written by Lauren Hawkesworth, CRC


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