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  • Steve Auth

Holy Week Mission Info

Thy Kingdom Come!

Dear Missionaries!

I pray you are doing well! Thank you for your registration to help us bring more souls back to our Lord Jesus Christ! You were called and you answered! We appreciate your generosity!

I would like to give you some information for this coming Holy Week.

For those signed up to help on Monday at the 5th Ave. Cathedral, please check in at the conference room at the Church basement. Access is through a staircase behind the main altar. Doug Dewey will be there with John Hack with all the supplies you need.

1. Instead of a t-shirt, you will be given a large button, a replica of Rembrandt's Return of the Prodigal son. This will identify you as a missionary working with the Cathedral that day.

2. If you did not attend the training session, we have a recording of the training, and a copy of the slides that you can review. Please email Doug at He can send these electronic files to you. Or you can view them at The same website you used to register.

3. If you can, please arrive at 1PM so that you can get oriented with the Cathedral. Doug will give a short tour of the Cathedral so that we will be able to answer basic questions that may come our way.

4. We will have priests who speak English, Spanish, and Italian. The languages will be posted outside each confessional. Moree details will be taken up with you when you arrive.

For those helping in Soho (Wednesday to Saturday) at The Basilica of Old St Patrick's Cathedral:

1. Please check in at 32 Prince St., corner Mott, at least an hour before the mission starts. You will find your "tools of the trade" there. If it is warm enough, feel free to wear your mission sweatshirt or t-shirt, if you have one. Otherwise, we will also have the Rembrandt buttons.

2. See#2 above. If there are enough of you at headquarters an hour before the mission, I can give a short training on the spot! The training will allow you to be more confident and effective in loving those souls back to Christ!

3. We will have priests who speak the same 3 languages: English, Spanish and Italian. Please do not let language stop any soul from receiving the sacrament of reconciliation. We have found ways to go around language barriers in the past!

We are looking forward to seeing you in a few days! May the Holy Spirit strengthen our resolve to assist all the souls the Lord will put in our path at Mission, may He help us find the best way to bring them in to the Church for confession, and may the Blessed Mother cover us all with her mantle of protection as we stand in the byways of New York to speak of Him who loves us!

I look forward to meeting you all soon! Please do not hesitate to ask any questions you may have. My telephone number is 973 900 1474. Text me or call me! I will be traveling tomorrow so texts might work better. Or email!

In Christ,

Evelyn Auth


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