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  • Steve Auth

Holy Week Virtual Mission Quarantine Challenges

Day 1 Spy Monday

Pray the Memorare for one soul that you particularly remember from a mission past.

Day 2 Holy Tuesday

Contact someone who is alone, maybe someone you know that you’ve haven’t called in a long time—perhaps a soul you’ve been “avoiding”—and spend some time with them by zoom or the phone.

Day 3 Holy Wednesday

Do a group rosary, with your family, maybe your neighborhood from each’s front porch, or join one of the daily rosary group prayers offered by the Legionaries of Christ on their Facebook page.

Day 4 Holy Thursday

Perform a special act of charity today for someone in your household, preferably the person you’ve got some beef with over something that’s happened recently.

Day 5 Good Friday

Pray and meditate on the Stations of the Cross with your family and/or zoom friends.

Day 6:  Holy Saturday

Summarize the week of prayer and bring it to Jesus; study the Shroud of Turin, attend the talk by Fr. Andrew at 1:00 today; attend a Easter Vigil Mass tonight with your family.


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