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  • Evelyn Auth

Padre Pio Reconciliation Mission at Saint Patrick's Cathedral on 5th Avenue

Thy Kingdom Come!

Dear Missionaries,

I hope this note finds you well, enjoying the last warm days of summer! Schools are open, Covid restrictions have been lifted - life has started to feel normal! For us apostles, normal means we continue to bring souls closer to our Lord, Jesus Christ!

Next week, on Friday, we will have our Padre Pio Reconciliation Mission at Saint Patrick's Cathedral on 5th Avenue in New York! I am happy to note that September 23 is Saint Padre Pio's feast day! Here are the Mission basics:

  • Mission Day: Friday, September 23, 2022

  • Start time: 2PM - Brief Cathedral Overview at Mission HQ

  • End time: 9PM - We will have water and snacks at HQ

  • Where to go: Please go to the back of the main altar and follow signs to HQ

  • What to wear: Comfortable shoes, business casual clothes

  • How Long to stay: Ideally till closing hour. Stay as long as your schedule allows

  • Missionary training: Wednesday night, Sept. 21 7:30PM via Zoom

  • Questions: Evelyn Auth text or email

  • Padre Pio relic on display? NOT THIS TIME

Most of you have joined us in past missions in the city. Welcome back! We can not do the mission without you! Many of you have been invited by friends, members of Regnum Christi, or by Doug Dewey, our indefatigable missionary! This year, our "oldest missionary" Bob Infanger, will come all the way from Florida to join the mission! He is one of several who will fly from points west for this mission! Who shall hold the record of farthest travel to mission? So far, a lady friend holds the record; she is coming from Vancouver, Canada! I can't wait to meet all our new missionaries!

For those of you coming to the mission for the first time, I encourage you to join a short zoom training on Wednesday night, September 21. Many are wondering what is expected of missionaries. How does it work? Who will be there? What is the objective of the mission? What am I supposed to tell people? Where will I go? All these questions will be answered on Wednesday. I will send out the zoom link on Monday night.

This will enable us to communicate with you further mission details as they develop. It will also help us anticipate mission materials necessary for our use, including the snacks!

Please invite your friends to join us. There are many souls out there waiting to be invited back to the Church. Many of them are thirsting, maybe some are hurting and they are seeking to be loved. How wonderful it will be for them to hear that they are indeed loved! Come! Let us take their hands and bring them to Him that will give them the peace they seek, and receive the love they need. He sits in wait.

In Christ,



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