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  • Steve Auth

Spy Monday Virtual Quarantine Challenge

Mission in the Cloud.  Today’s our first full day of the mission in the cloud, and we’re starting it off with prayer.  In particular, the assignment is to remember today one soul you witnessed Christ touch when with you on a mission in SoHo.  If you’ve never been on one, you can choose a soul touched in this way that you witnessed in another context, or one that stood out in The Missionary.  And if you can remember more than one, all the better.  But remember, “one times eternity equals eternity.”  Here’s some more detail from one of our veteran missionaries, a consecrated woman of Regnum Christi.  Siobhan exudes the Lord, is always smiling, always focused, always loving. 

Daily Challenge: Remember the name of one person you met on the mission, or that struck you in The Missionary book, and pray the rosary with your family for that person today.


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