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The Missionary Of Wall Street: The Next Chapter


In our April 30th blog post, we recommended an excellent book by Federated's CIO, Steve Auth, called The Missionary of Wall Street. The missionaries recently completed the Mission of San Gennaro on the streets of SoHo amidst the ongoing festivities. This post is to update our readers on the missionaries' activities and let readers know how they can learn more and get involved.

In our April 30th blog post, “The Missionary of Wall Street: A Book Review,” we recommended an excellent book by Federated Investors "FII" CIO, Steve Auth, to all of our blog followers. Today we are writing to give you an update on the next chapter of the Missionary of Wall Street: the successful completion of the San Gennaro Mission on the streets of Soho in New York City last weekend.

The Festival of San Gennaro is the largest street festival that takes place in New York each year, drawing revelers from all over New York City and beyond. Amidst the joy and chaos of this beloved occasion, Steve Auth and the missionaries set out to find lost souls and bring them closer to God. Whether attracting interested passerbys with their life-sized cutout of Pope Francis or a much-needed kind word, these “fishers of men” were able to draw large numbers of people into Saint Patrick’s Cathedral. Once inside, individuals were encouraged to light a candle and to receive the Sacrament of Confession. For many lapsed Catholics, this was the first time they had received the Sacrament of Confession in many years.

Candles from souls gathered together through the San Gennaro Mission illuminate the altar at Saint Patrick's Cathedral. Source: Facebook "FB"

While the serious task of seeking lost souls was always at the forefront, the San Gennaro mission was not without humorous moments. The cutout of our Pope, a tool explained and highlighted in The Missionary of Wall Street, drew joyful revelers who wanted to take pictures with the Pope, and, at one point take the Pope himself. The Pope snatching episode occurred on the second day of the mission when one high-spirited festival goer snatched the cutout of Pope Francis and fled on foot down the street. When the incident was reported to the NYPD, a manhunt (Pope hunt) ensued and New York’s finest were able to track down the Pope and return him to his place outside Saint Patrick’s.

A missionary poses with the cutout of Pope Francis during the San Gennaro Mission. Source: Facebook "FB"

In the days leading up to the Mission and during the Mission itself, Steve Auth used his Facebook  page to share inspiring stories about the work of the missionaries and the souls that they encountered during the Mission. Stories from the Mission, Steve Auth’s book, and updates about the ongoing work of the missionaries can also be found on the book’s Facebook Page.

Author Steve Auth during the San Gennaro Mission. Source: Facebook

The missionaries’ most important event will take place once again this year during Holy Week. We will use this blog to share updates about the missionary work of one of Wall Street’s most brilliant minds and we encourage our readers to also follow the book and Steve Auth on Facebook. If you haven’t had a chance to pick up a copy of the Missionary of Wall Street yet, it is available on Amazon in both ebook and print . "AMZN" If you are interested in becoming a missionary yourself, please contact and follow the Regnum Christi website for updates on upcoming events and missions.


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