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  • Steve Auth

The Power of Family

It is common these days to feel the institution of the family is under attack in our culture, and of all places, in trendy SoHo. So here are two stories from our missionaries in front of the church that say something different….

St. Patrick's Old Cathedral, Front Gates, So Ho. A mother and daughter are happily strolling by on Mott. One of our missionaries reminds them it is Holy week, and invite them into the church for a visit. The daughter, joyful and excited, pulls Mom to a stop, and the pair strike up a lively conversation with the missionaries in front of the church. The daughter is a real live-wire, and a leader. When the delicate topic of confession is broached, she's all in. "Yes, Mom! That's exactly what we should do! Easter is coming!" And so into confession they walk.

Later, as they leave the church, they have an extra skip in their step, and are full of joy and gratitude. We share hugs, and then they dance off into the glorious afternoon sun.

Later, a father with his twin daughters arrives. Both girls are age 10. We greet them, and they smile back with broad smiles. They happily accept our invitation for a church visit. We give each girl a rosary on their way in. "That's their first rosaries! Wow!", exclaims the father. The "Family Day Outing" was now stepping into Church, and Dad was bringing them through the massive front doors---- the girls lit up as if they were seeing the Wizard of Oz! Dad shows them the Holy Water etiquette, then takes them quietly into the church for a prayer. What a delight to see what Fatherly love looks like on this perfect Spring day. This little encounter charged us up for another hour!

The missionaries in front of the church

April 14, 2022


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