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  • Steve Auth

An Elderly Gentleman is Brought Home by a Young Brother

Our young seminarians had an amazing Holy Wednesday in SoHo this week, reporting that it was their most fruitful ever. As noted in “Loving them home”, the brothers ran through a vast quantity of our supply of rosaries! Here’s one story reported about the brothers from our crew in front of the church….

St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral, So Ho. Just prior to 7pm Mass a seminarian points out a man to me who was leaving the Basilica. This elderly and tired gentleman shared his story with him that moved him greatly: that morning he was sad, lonely, and contemplating suicide. He came out for a walk to shake it off and ran into some of our brothers on the street. They had deep conversation, and then led him into church. He emerged out an hour later, smiling and steady. The seminarian pointed him out, shared with us his story. The young brother told us worriedly that the old man’s next Social Security check was still two days away, and his funds were short…

The “full service” missionaries in front of the church had earlier that night dog-sitted for a visitor who’d thought she was just walking her dogs when a missionary waylaid her. So this was nothing! We happily sent the elderly gentleman off with dinner funds, and more importantly, a warm heart.

Probably almost as warm as our hearts after witnessing the fruits of this encounter by the brothers.

The missionaries in front of the church

April 13, 2022

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